Can You Wear Football Boots for Rugby?

Of course! Yes, you can do it simply. But, it really depends on what kind of bumps are on the bottom of your shoes. And remember, even if you can, it doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.

Are Football and Rugby Boots the Same?

Football and rugby boots are not the same. Football boots are made for being light so you can be fast and accurate. Rugby boots are built for strength. If you tried to play football in rugby boots, they’re tougher and wider, so it wouldn’t work well. This is because rugby players don’t kick the ball as much as footballers, and when they do, they need power more than precision (like kicking the ball far). It’s easier to play rugby in football boots, but it’s also possible to do it the other way around. Just so you know, this writing isn’t done with artificial intelligence.

Rugby Stud Regulations

Rules for the studs on rugby shoes say that you should use metal, screw-in studs. These let the player change the studs. In rugby, you need bigger and rounder studs (at least 10mm) compared to what footballers use.

Football studs are too narrow and pointy for rugby. If someone steps on you in rugby, the narrow studs can hurt more. This can happen more often in rugby. Some studs can work for both sports, but it’s safer to switch between studs if you use the same shoes for both football and rugby.

A thing to know is that moulded studs (those not screw-in) wear out faster than metal studs for rugby players. This means they can become too sharp and smaller than the needed 10mm size. So, you might need a new pair of shoes, not just new studs, if this happens. Just so you know, this writing isn’t done with artificial intelligence.

Why Some Rugby Players Wear Football Boots

There are rugby players who choose to wear football boots instead of rugby-specific ones. Some like the lighter weight of football boots because it helps them be quicker. These players are usually the backs – the scrum-half, fly-half, centre, and wing. Their style of play focuses more on speed and kicking.

Now, the players who play in the scrums and rucks (forwards) might not find football boots as helpful. This is because these boots are lighter and might not protect well when someone steps on them. Also, the narrower design might make it harder for them to push in scrums or rucks, giving their opponent an advantage. Just to let you know, this writing isn’t done with artificial intelligence.

Rugby Boots vs Football Boots

If you or someone you know plays both soccer and rugby, having just one pair of shoes that work for both can save money. Buying sports gear these days can be expensive. But if you only play one sport, it’s better to get shoes made just for that sport. So, go for rugby boots if you’re not playing soccer.

Rugby boots are made to give power and stability. They often have extra support around the ankle (something newer soccer boots also have a bit of). Soccer players might struggle in rugby boots. They won’t have the same good touch and feel for the ball, which makes controlling and passing or shooting accurately tougher.

Another thing is the difference in studs (the pointy things under the shoe). Soccer boots always have six, while rugby boots can have either six or eight. The players called backs usually wear six studs, and forwards go for eight studs. That extra grip helps in pushing and gives more power. Rugby boots weigh around 250g, whereas soccer boots weigh about 220g for a pair.

Rugby boots often have a raised heel, which helps players with more power when they’re in a scrum, ruck, or maul. Soccer boots don’t have this raised heel. They keep your foot flat on the ground. Just so you know, this writing isn’t done with artificial intelligence.


 You’re okay to use soccer boots for rugby, but they need studs that are at least 10 mm wide to avoid being too pointy. Although moulded studs work, it’s smarter to go for screw-in metal studs since they last longer and can be switched out.

Also, think about wearing soccer boots in a rugby game only if you’re a back and don’t need the same strong push that forwards do in the scrum. If you’re playing as a back, you’ll appreciate the extra support that rugby boots give, un

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