Dr. Raye Mitchell- A Social Activist Turned Podcast Host

“Dr. Raye Mitchell is a woman who makes things happen. She has the persistence and a fierce determination to succeed.”

– Ann Fudge – Former Chairman and CEO Of Young &Rubicam Brands. 

Dr. Raye Mitchell, also known as Boss Girl, is an American entrepreneur and lawyer focusing on intellectual property, business law, employment, and entertainment law, and is the developer of the TV and Internet show,GURLS Rock Power.

Dr. Raye Mitchell- A Social Activist Turned Podcast Host

Mitchell is a prominent content creator;she recently organized a round table podcast under her company,Bossology 53 Entertainment, LLC, at Centennial NAB Show. Bossology 53 Entertainment is a women-oriented content foundationfocused on bringing significant female problems into the mainstream media. The company is the fastest-growing multicultural content production company with operations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the San Francisco Bay area.

Mitchell hosted the live interview of several protuberant participants along with special guest Cindy L. Brown. Brown is an Olympic gold medalist, an Ex-WNBA player, and a basketball record holder. Moreover, Mitchell and Brown are co-authors of a recent Federal Trade Commission Comment on identity theft, fraud, and scams in the entertainment industry. The other respectable guests included The BookFest® live-streaming content platform founders Dave and Desireé Duffy. Mitchell welcomed all her guests by stating:

“I am excited to be invited back to NAB along with my clients and valued collaborators, Dave and Desiree Duffy of The BookFest, and I welcome Cindy Brown to join the conversations.”

Further, she added:

“I have worked with Dave and Desiree Duffy for many years on my publishing and writing projects, and I am proud to help lead The BookFest’s IP protection strategy from the live stream event’s inception.” 

The podcastProtect This! How Apex Creators Capitalize and Leverage Their IP Rights keenly discussed creative rights, explicitly protecting digital IP rights. Participants were welcome to join Mitchell for an engaging and enjoyable discussion on digital rights and overall strategies for safeguarding intellectual property rights. With the growing influence of AI and other technologies in the entertainment industry, guests explored ways to maximize their IP rights and succeed. The conversation also covered how producers, marketers, and content creators can utilize new strategies and adaptability in the constantly evolving creative industry and offer valuable tips on effectively safeguarding content in the story economy. The apex team discussed how digital content creators can protect their reputations from imposters and other IP predators.

Mitchell hosts the Centennial NAB Show, andmeanwhile, she has established a platform for

Dr. Raye Mitchell- A Social Activist Turned Podcast Host

diverse individuals to share their unique experiences and stories – The Mouthologist Podcast. As Chief Boss Girl content officer and executive producer of her show, Mitchell writes, produces content, and collaborates with creative minds. Mitchell primarily focuses on creating and assessing content for various media platforms such as TV, movies, book series, and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to work with big-name celebrities like Issa Rae, Hill Harper, Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, and Academy Award winner Viola Davis. For Mitchell, living this dream job means collaborating with brilliant creatives from all fields to tell captivating stories.

Over the years, Mitchell has received several national and international acclaims for her constant efforts to voice society’s prejudice and inequality. In 2011, Mitchell won a Jefferson Award for Public Service for her distinctive efforts. Later, she was recommended for the prestigious 45thNAACP Chairman’s Award Image Awards. In 2013, she was named Outstanding Leadership in social justice and community service, and in the same year, she was selected as a “Top-Idea Maven” by the Woman’s Advantage.

Dr. Raye Mitchell is a highly regarded social activist. For more than 25 years, she has been highlighting and awakening people about society’s sensitive and problematic issues. She is immensely vocal about the systematic discrimination against black people. Mitchell strongly supports #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and the LGBTQ community. She is a prolific author, too, and has written some thought-provoking and Amazon best-selling books. The whole idea and motive of Mitchell’s incessant efforts is to bring justice, equality, and harmony to society to foster prosperity and peace.

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